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Customer Uses of VibeDrums

This page is a work in progress as we are in the progress of contacting our customers to get their website info and to find out more details of their vibedrum use. In addition we need to translate it into English because most of our customers that use the drum for some type of Therapy are located in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

However, that said here is a list of some of the uses we know of at this time.

We will continually up date the info as it comes to us

Thanks….The VibeDrums Team

The biggest use of our VibeDrum is to play music and use it as a personal Percussion Instrument. However if we look a little deeper we find that there are many different musical uses such as: for enjoyment, meditation, trance, yoga,, relaxation, fun, as a part of the Percussion section of a Band and more.


Austria, Switzerland and Germany

We have a customer that uses it for Fire Shows ( )

Some people use it in a mix with their Djembe groups ( , )

We also have several customers that are using it for Therapeutic Treatments  including VibeDrum Massages , as a substitute for Singing Bowls , to augment Reike Treatments , Energy Work, Chakra and Meridian work, Natural Healing and more ( , , , )

It is now being used tested and studied by a group of Psychologists in Switzerland we will post the results when we get them…

Stay Tuned