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F-Minor  / F-Major / E-Minor

E-Major / D-Minor / C-Major in D D-Major

Custom Scales such as 432 Hz, Integral, Akebono, Pygmy and more are available on request.

Colors: StarDust / Elemental Earth / Copper Sun / Natural

Basic Option Includes: Vibedrum + Specially Designed Mallets + Free Shipping to all US States

Standard Option Includes: Vibedrum + Double Ended Mallets + Soft Fleece Liner Bag + Heavy Duty Travel Bag + Instructional Videos + Free Shipping to all US States
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Single VibeDrum - Stainless

The Single VibeDrum has 9 tuned notes in pentatonic scales ranging from F-Minor all the way down to D-Major. The bottom of the drum does not have a large hole in it so it forms a perfect parabolic dish. The drum is lightweight and has a slim design so it easily fits into a Daypack or in your Carry-On. For more detailed information including videos and product specifications Tap here: Single VibeDrum

Double VibeDrum - Stainless

The Double VibeDrum is unique as it is the only drum in it’s class that has 18 notes on two playing heads. We were the first to create the “double” concept (patent pending). This drum has a total of 18 notes, 9 on each side, in two completely different contrasting scales. A high pitch scale on one side such as F-Minor and a lower pitch scale on the other such as D-Major. So in essence the Double VibeDrum is like 2 Single VibeDrums in one. For more information including videos and product specifications please Tap here: Double VibeDrum

Mini-VibeDrum - Stainless

The Mini-VibeDrum has 8 tuned notes in our own Special Scales. The bottom of the drum does not have a large hole in it so it forms a perfect parabolic dish. The drum is super lightweight and has a compact design so it is very easy to transport. For more detailed information Tap here: Mini-VibeDrum

For more information including sound samples, pictures, videos and more visit our PC website at: WWW.VIBEDRUMS.COM        YouTube

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About VibeDrums

The VibeDrum is classed as a Hank or Steel Tongue Drum not as a Handpan or Hang drum but they are in the same family. This melodious percussion instrument is offered in two forms: The Single VibeDrum and the Double VibeDrum. Within these two forms we offer various colors and Pentatonic or Custom scales to choose from. We believe that our drums are one of the best Hank Drums around in terms of sound quality, portability, note layout, durability and value for your and money. Before I get into the differences between the two drums let’s look at what they have in common.

The notes have a octagonal shape which brings focus to the “sweet spot” of each note. The drums are 100% zinc plated inside and out to protect them from the elements. Then our drums are “Powder Coat” painted which is more environmentally friendly than  spray paints. We don’t cut corners with the Powder Coat we use a unique, exotic super high quality 2 part system which offers superb durability and scratch resistance to the beautiful high gloss finish.

Single Vibedrum Info & Features

Double Vibedrum Info & Features

Mini-Vibedrum Info & Features

NEW: Ultimate Healing Double Vibe

Solfeggio-F 528 Hz / D-Minor-432 Hz